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Brand Graffiti was launched in 1994. Its flagship company, Shree Ambica Industries was founded in 1972. Behind the genesis of this company was the vision to revolutionise the tile and surface decor industry. It started by pioneering creative designs, patterns, applications and formats to the existing product, thus giving tiles a great aesthetic value and never before looks.

From adorning palaces for pharaohs in Egypt to being an embodiment of spiritual inspiration in churches of the new world, the tile has been looked upon by man as the medium that brings forth the true spirit of beauty. An artistic decor of tiles in citadels and chateaus gave monarchs of Rome and the rest of Europe the pleasure of being in the company of beauty.

But somewhere down the passage of time, tiles were forgotten as envoys of richness and beauty and remembered only for their functionality.

Graffiti was born with a vision of reviving and restoring the art of laying tiles. With its designer tiles, innovation in formats, designs, patterns and ranges for wall and floor decor, Graffiti puts tiles back on the pedestal of design and elegance.

Graffiti designer tiles are exclusive by way of creativity, technicality, surface texture, feel or design on the surface. Over the years, Graffiti has garnered a reputation for its quality and innovation in designer application of tiles.

In its constant endeavor to give great quality and trendy products, the company equipped its plant with state-of-the-art European technology and automation in 2000.

It formed distribution alliances with leading Italian tile manufacturing companies like Marazzi, Refin, Monocibec, Naxos and Hi Tech Gres Saicis to introduce international high-end products in the Indian market, using its strength of doing value additions by creating designs, patterns and various formats for suitable applications required by architects for better marketing synergies.

Today Graffiti has evolved as a complete surface decor brand to suit all lifestyles. Now, Graffiti products are not only used as floor or wall tiles, but are also used extensively as decorative wall hangings and to enhance living and other areas. Such innovative applications of tiles has completely redefined and revolutionised the way tiles are perceived.
Leadership through corporate management quality, technical innovation, aesthetic research and expansive market reach.
Constant growth by offering a complete and myriad product range to respond to a wide gamut of aesthetic and functional requirement. Constant improvement in strategic and operational functionality to augment the maximum customer satisfaction.
We are products of our environment. The internal environment that we live in plays an integral part in making our lives comfortable.

In today`s fast paced lives there are many things that we cannot control but our internal environment is what we can control and make into something we look forward to being a part of.

If our internal environment is one of balance and harmony, a space that is nurturing and aesthetic, it soothes the senses and rejuvenates the mind, inspiring one to start each new day with energy and anticipation of new things to come.

In order to create a life of clarity, a successful environment will be calming, uplifting, and healing.

This environment can be one`s home, or office where the mind is quite and at peace to sort out what is important and what is not, create new ideas and see solutions that one could not see before.

The spirit of the brand - Graffiti lies in creating a balance in imbalance and harmony in chaos by offering value added design options for interiors and decor.

The Balance and Harmony in our environment is a critical factor in dealing with stress and are important for success and happiness.
The art of graffiti symbolizes free and uninterrupted expression of oneself. It is this catharsis that helps us to attain balance in a chaotic environment.

Balance in imbalance and symmetry in asymmetry forms the core essence of the innovation and creativity that goes into each designer tile created by Graffiti.

The philosophy of creating balance and harmony in our lives is portrayed through three pebbles of varied sizes kept on top of each other symbolising symmetry in asymmetry and balance in imbalance.

The uniqueness of the brand is portrayed through the elliptical shape. Normally, whenever one thinks of tiles or designer tiles the basic square form of shape comes to mind but Graffiti`s oval pebbles break the cliche.

The colors are warm and sober to connote the classiness of the brand and also signify the abstraction and subjectivity of art and innovation.
In 2006 the company made its foray into the Retail segment in a big way with the launch of Graffiti Design HQ in Mumbai.

The Graffiti Design HQ in Mumbai, is an extension of Graffiti`s commitment to offer its customers the contemporary ambience of creativity and versatility en-route the selection process of products with design and surface decor.

Graffiti DHQ was created with an insight of bringing its customers in touch with new and refreshing ideas and applications.

It is a place where imagination is translated into reality. It blends the fantasy of design with the realism of practicality.

The ambience at Graffiti DHQ gives the mind fabric and space to contemplate on current and future trends in architecture and lifestyle. In Graffiti DHQ the mind and body are free to absorb and cherish the synergized blend of creativity and experience.

During the current year, the company plans to open exclusive retail outlets in all metro cities and forge ahead in its mission to make innovations in surface decor to enhance and upgrade lifestyle
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