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Value Addition

With a strong, core belief that “Innovation is a never-ending process”, Graffiti has been constantly giving utmost importance to value additions to ceramic products.

The various types of value additions include silk screen printing, mosaic making, special pieces, etc.

Screen-printing is the most widespread tile decorating technique. The technique is used in single, twice and third firing, and it consists of printing a given design by means of one or more printing screens (tensioned fabric with a set mesh aperture). The screen surface is masked, and the printing ink is only put through the openings of the design to be reproduced. When the squeegee crosses the screen it presses the printing ink through the openings left in the screen, thus printing the design on the tile.

Mosiac tiles and inserts is another common decorative technique and is widely used in porcelain stoneware, ceramic and glass tiles. However, this decoration method requires machines that feature high precision and careful detailing to greatly facilitate their production. Small mosaics of various sizes and shapes thus obtained are pasted onto a mesh to provide a very versatile tile.

Water jet cutting technique provides special pieces in a wide variety of intricate shapes. A water jet cutter is a tool capable of slicing into any material using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. Water jet cuts are  typically not limited by the thickness of the material, and are capable of cutting materials over twelve inches (30 cm) thick. Waterjet is considered a "green" technology as it produces no hazardous waste, thus reducing waste disposal costs.

At Graffiti, distinct artistic sensitivity meets decades-long experience in ceramic sector to excel in value enhancement. And finally, never-before ambiences can be created to add value to fashion boutiques, trendy venues or evolved and sophisticated homes!

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