About Us

The flagship company Shree Ambica Industries was founded in 1972. Brand 'Graffiti' was launched in the year 1994.

The inception of the brand 'Graffiti' was with the vision to revolutionize the tile & surface decor industry. To elevate tile from a generic utility product to a designer one.

Right since inception, "Graffiti" as a brand is synonymous with premium high end solutions catering to up-marked customers. The company has been recognized in the market through the brand and the brand has become immensely popular with architects, interior designers as well as distributors and institutional customers.

'Graffiti' started with pioneering patterns, applications & formats to the existing products, thus giving it great aesthetic value & never before look. Over the years it garnered a reputation for innovative designs, textures & formats as well as shape & sizes in ceramic tiles and ultimately evolved into a complete surface decor brand to suit all lifestyles.

In order to remain true to its brand philosophy of being a pioneer & trendsetter, 'Graffiti' forged ahead to import top- of- the- line Italian products in the year 2001. It soon established a strong presence pan India for its exclusive Italian portfolio. 'Graffiti' thus became synonymous with premium Italian tiles.

The company has been offering solutions through a combination of high end imported ceramic tiles (mainly being imported from Italy) coupled with ceramic tiles offered by domestic manufacturers. Earlier, the focus was on imported tiles covering a wide range of designs, shapes, size and textures.

The brand 'Harmony' was launched in the year 2001 with the objective to widen the base of consumers of the product and today with a pan Indian dealer network and sales team toward the objective of demand generation. The 'Harmony' brand quickly attained popularity and has been used in a variety of spaces, like individual residences, projects, malls, educational institutions, hotels, corporates, etc.

The Graffiti Design HQ the display centre was conceptulised and launched with the objective of showcasing the whole gamut of tiles at a single instance, with an ambience that is conducive to the creative process. It is a place where one can sit back and reflect on the current trends, future of design & take the mind to unexplored territories of design

Today there is a product for every application, every customer & every aspiration in the company's portfolio.

Our Vision

Leadership through corporate management quality, technical innovation, aesthetic research and expansive market reach.

Our Mission

Constant growth by offering a complete and myriad product range to respond to a wide gamut of aesthetic and functional requirement. Constant improvement in strategic and operational functionality to augment the maximum customer satisfaction.