Installation & maintenance Tips

Tiling Tips

  • Prepare base mortar with Portland cement and graded aggregates.
  • Set the levels for floor (i.e. dead level or slope as specified by the architect / contractor) prepare cement slurry i.e. mixture of cement and water to form the thick paste and spread it on the level base mortar.
  • Wet the backside of the tile with water. If tiles are square or rectangular in shape, set the right angles for the area and place the first tile along the right angle line and place it on the base mortar.
  • Tap gently only with the rubber or wooden mallet to obtain perfect levels.
  • Clean the surface of tile with clean water immediately after laying with wet sponge.
  • Ensure that the base mortar cement which squeezes through the joints, does not settle on the tile. Also ensure that the water used is not hard or brackish. Do not use the area tiled for at least 24 hrs.

Grouting Tips

  • The minimum grout line installation determines a 2 mm joint on rectified materials in order to offset the even minimum manufacturing tolerances. It is absolutely advised against joint less installations.
  • No responsibility is accepted for joint less installations.
  • It is necessary to carry out a cleaning of the floor immediately after grouting. It is not recommended to use grouting with coloured pigments in contrast with the colour of the tiles.

Maintenance Tips

  • Ceramic wall coverings offer excellent features of cleanliness and hygiene since, unlike other products, they are easy to clean using water and commercially-available standard detergents.
  • On completion of laying, the first cleaning job is carried out on walls and floors to eliminate the residues of mortar, adhesives, and grout from the ceramic surface.
  • Various products are commercially available for all the principal categories of stains.