Tile Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

3rd fired decoration

With the term “third fire” we mean the firing of a ceramic tile that has undergone single-firing, on which lustres and decorations are applied.

Born in the late seventies in the Sassuolo, Italy, ceramic district, the technique quickly spread to all the world’s ceramic districts.

The quality of the third fire has reached exceptional levels thanks to the combination of different decorative products that can be used to give added value to the products: glazes, crystallines, grits, dyes, metallic luster specifically designed for this application.

Our flagship company “Shree Ambica Industries” was founded in 1972 and the brand “Graffiti” was launched in the year 1994, ever since we have been the pioneers of the third fired product industry across the country and with the wide array of product selection available with us we continue to be the flag bearers.

With a temperature range of 950° - 1050° Celsius, our firing system gives the decorated surfaces a very high resistance to shocks, scratches, wear, heat and mild chemicals. The process also allows the colours to resist the action of UV rays for a very long time, while maintaining the aesthetic characteristics both indoors and outdoors.

Our entire portfolio is carefully designed and developed by our in-house designers through a process of rigorous R&D to give our patrons a collection that is one of a kind.

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